Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 9th February

This week’s fruit box and supplement feature fruit you probably won’t find at the shop – blood plums from home-grower Robyn in Blackmans Bay (an annual event from her extraordinarily prolific tree); delicious greengages from Coal Valley Orchard (if you like a little crunch eat them now, but if you prefer them softer and sweeter leave them on the bench for a few days); and over half a kilo of superb strawberries from the lovely George & Hilary at Grown for Taste.

Premium Fresh in Forth supplied a pallet of produce this week that was so tall that it wouldn’t fit in Bertha, the BB refrigerated truck – almost 200kg of broccoli, plus beetroot and Chantenay carrots, along with 170 bunches of rhubarb – and we’re also excited to see the return of corn from Elphin Grove (and celeriac isn’t far away either!) Richmond farm are responsible for the delightfully minty aroma coming from the boxes this week – perfect for a summer salad.


*please note that organic boxes actually include dill, not mint