Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 26th January

This week’s box features produce from a number of smaller growers; and in particular we’re particularly pleased that we’ve been able to get a bumper load of produce up from Golden Valley Farm. Alex grows a range of vegetables on a plot of land directly opposite part of the Jennings’ strawberry farm in Cygnet, using organic principles but without the certification that can significantly push up prices for small producers. The zucchini featured in this week’s box is full of character – small, big and from a number of different varieties – along with his lovely radishes and Hakurei turnips, and cucumber quite unusually grown out in the open in the plot, rather than the more common hot-house variety.


Organic boxes feature freshly dug Dutch Creams from Laura in Ellendale; Laura also runs Laura’s Plants and Produce, who Mrs BB buys from for the BB backyard almost exclusively because of the reliability of the plants and seedlings.  Grown for Taste also feature strongly in the organic boxes with eggplant, delicious tomatoes and super-sweet Cevenne onions, and $55 boxes get a special sneak-peak of the BB fig harvest – the ones that haven’t been eaten by the birds or the local possum burglar!

This year’s fruit season is looking to be challenging again for growers; supply issues with pickers, the suspected outbreak of fruit-fly in the north of the state and the hot (and fluctuating) weather are causing quite a few headaches. Most fruit-growers are picking a week or two early this year – apricots were just about finished by the time we resumed our boxes on the 19th, but we’ve been lucky to get some apricots from Coal Valley Orchard that have been stored using a special process that significantly increases the life of the fruit; meanwhile cherry growers like Lucaston Park are looking at having to pick all their fruit before the roasting 30+ temperatures set to hit Tasmanian on the weekend. We’re pleased to be able to include some greengages from a couple of home-growers in this week’s fruit supplement – don’t forget you can trade in good or jam-quality fruit for veg box credit!