Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 17th November

Finding a variety of produce for our organic boxes can be challenging – whilst organic leafy vegetables, potatoes and berries are abundant in season, common staples like cauliflowers, broccoli and cabbage, which are cheap and abundant for our regular boxes, are challenging to grow using organic methods. This week’s organic boxes have some great treats in store – in addition to more of Littlewood Berry Farm’s delicious strawberries, we’ve been able to get certified baby heirloom cauliflowers, fennel and some very plump Daikon radish from Wouter at Seven Springs Farm (and we’re hoping that there will be even more cauliflowers to come!) In addition, Alex from Golden Valley Farm has provided us with one of my favourite late spring treats – broad beans! Broad beans are delicious when very small (they can be eaten just like green beans), but when they’re at the “podding” stage as this week’s are, it’s often a good idea to pop them out of their extra shell after removing from the pod – you can do this by just giving them a squeeze. Broad beans get a bad rap, but they’re absolutely delicious when they’re green; if they’ve been cooked long enough to make them go grey, not so much… We’re hoping to get plenty of Alex’s broad beans into all boxes over the next month or so. A final special treat in the $55 organic boxes – baby new Dutch Cream potatoes grown right here in our backyard, planted by Mrs and dug by Mr BB!

In standard boxes this week we welcome back supply of cabbage after a bit of a hiatus, and Brandsema have once again sent down a beautiful order of eggplants, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Premium Fresh asparagus continues to be plentiful, and whilst we’re enjoying the spring carrots from Richmond Farm, we’re also looking forward to the first new season local cooking carrots in December, which are already in the ground in the north of the state and soaking up the sunshine as we move into summer. And we’re enjoying DM Jennings & Sons’ strawberries so much $40 boxes have a whole kilo!