Orders for our November all-Tasmanian produce boxes are now open!

Orders for our all-Tasmanian fruit and veg boxes are now open for November! To place an order, just let us know by email (backyardbounty.vegiebox@gmail.com) what box type* and optional add-ons you’d like on each of the following dates. If you’re ordering for the first time or you’re changing your delivery/pick-up status you’ll need to specify which of these two options you’d prefer when ordering. New customers are also welcome to order a single box to try the service first, and as an added incentive, delivery (normally $5 extra) is free with your first box. Delivery is available in a wide range of areas, and we also offer third-party delivery to locations in the Huon and the east coast.
  • 3rd November
  • 10th November
  • 17th November
  • 24th November
Christmas is just around the corner – we’ll be working on some gift options for your friends and family including our boxes and preserves which will be advertised later in the month, and don’t forget we’ll still be offering our “pick-your-own” Christmas box on the 22nd December, full of all the delicious Tassie fruit and roastables you could possibly need for your Christmas feasts! In the meanwhile, we’re going to continue with the two for $9 crumpet deal for November, plus some other exciting specials which will be advertised later. Don’t forget to check out our range of optional add-ons and bulk buys (keep an eye on the latter – as we come into summer we’ll have a much greater range of these available).
It’s been a cold start to spring, and as a result start dates on picking of quite a few things have been pushed out – we’re still eagerly awaiting strawberries from DM Jennings & Sons, and Premium Fresh still haven’t started picking asparagus, their first crop in the new season. We’re anticipating some delicious freshly dug Huon pink eye potatoes in the first boxes of November, although sadly due to a poor season last year apples are now finished until late summer. Tassie hydroponic growers are coming into full swing, which means there’s plenty of delicious tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicums, and even some eggplant – and the warmer weather also means a greater variety of salad greens will be heading out in boxes this month too.
Please email backyardbounty.vegiebox@gmail.com to order for November or for any enquiries, and we’ll get back to you on Saturday and Sunday after the weekly Thursday-Friday packing and delivering madness is over!