Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 25th August

This week’s box has a decidedly green tinge – an appropriate colour as we move into spring and plants begin to use their winter energy reserves to send up green shoots to make the most of the increased sunlight. Richmond Farm have supplied us with some really peppery rocket (no plastic too!) – perfect for salad greens, but also ideal for making a zingy pesto in combination with the walnuts from Coaldale Walnuts, who won a gold medal for their delicious nuts in the recent 2017 National Food Awards in Melbourne! More delicious Savoy cabbage this week from Harvest Moon (local supply of red and green cabbage is currently unavailable) along with broccoli and some rather large caulies; it’s also roasting potatoes all round, with Up to Dates from John and Mayflowers from Moore’s Farm Fresh.

We have quite a few backyard citrus growers (but are still keen to meet more!) who get in contact with us when they have fruit available  – this week’s offerings are delicious juicy Meyer lemons from Sandra in Moonah and limes from Kathryn in Howrah. If someone would just start up a citrus orchard in Tasmania… they seem to thrive in the local conditions! Citrus provides a great lift for fresh greens like kale, silverbeet and spinach (all in this week’s box!) – I still fondly remember the simple but delicious lemony greens I had on a stormy night in Crete (pictured) – or would make the foundation of a delicious vinaigrette to go with the rocket (or even steamed snow peas or broccoli).