Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 19th August

This week we’re excited to be able to include spinach, ruby chard and some very pretty white kale from George & Hilary at Grown for Taste. With the cooler weather, George has been at work indoors concentrating on planning out the growing season, but as we move into spring and summer we’re definitely looking forward to including more of their produce, which is always full of flavour and beautifully presented. This week’s box actually features quite a range of growers from Forcett to the Tasman Penninsula – swede from Babette in Murdunna, lettuce and cauliflower from Southern Fields in Forcett, pumpkin from The Old Farm in Port Arthur, and pears from Scott and Tom at O&E Hansen and sonsan area that’s generally associated with forestry, tourism and convicts, but actually produces quite a lot of food too! (And has the best fish and chip shop in Tasmania, but that’s another story…)

John’s potato of the week is the Sapphire, which we’ve included once before in this season’s boxes – dark blue on the outside and blue on the inside too, a floury potato suitable for mashing or roasting – and budget boxes get a good feed of Kestrels, a modern variety that looks a little like a King Edward and is a good all-purpose potato. Supply on local cabbages has been a bit patchy, but we’re pleased to have Savoy cabbages from Harvest Moon this week, identifiable by their crinkly leaves and probably the tenderest of all the cabbages, suitable for slaws and cooked applications alike. Richmond Farm have supplied lots of lovely leeks, along with red radish and tatchoi, and this week sees the end of the season for feijoas from Kindred Feijoas, what appears to be one of the most polarising fruit in the world!