Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 28th July

This week’s $30 and $40 boxes feature a vegetable that may not be familiar to some of our newer customers – the celeriac, which is a root vegetable related to celery, but not actually the root of a celery plant as is sometimes claimed. The bright celery flavour and crisp flesh of celeriac is great in a remoulade – which is basically julienned raw celeriac dressed in mayo, which can be enhanced by the addition of other ingredients including crisp pears like the Winter Coles in this week’s box! – but when roasted, celeriac takes on a full-bodied flavour which makes an excellent core ingredient for soups, and makes a great mash too. The Bismarck potatoes included in this week’s $30 and $40 boxes is the northern equivalent of the pink eye, although unlike the pink eye it lends itself well to chipping when it reaches a more mature size; the Mayflowers in the $20 and $25 boxes are a classic roaster, but also suitable for chipping and mashing.

This week’s boxes feature a richness of roots – in addition to the potatoes and celeriac, Premium Fresh have supplied bunched carrots and loose beetroot, and from Harvest Moon we have one of my favourite vegetables, the much maligned swede – but it’s always exciting to be able to include delicious open-air coriander with roots attached (don’t waste them!), something I’m looking forward to matching up with the red cabbage to make a Asian-style slaw. O & E Hansen and Son from Nubeena have sent up a couple of bins of my favourite pears to share, the Winter Cole (which we happen to have grafted on an old pear tree in our backyard), and $30 boxes also have a generous portion of feijoas – which certainly seem to polarise opinions; I quite like them, but Mrs BB isn’t a fan. If you’re on the side of Mrs, please feel free to add these to your exclusion list!

This week will be the last time we offer our organic boxes until mid-late spring – with much of the Huon valley growing not much but frost at the moment, we’ve been able to put together one last hurrah with the help of the Bream Creek Community Market Garden and Seven Springs, along with a generous portion of Dutch Creams from Eatem Organics and apples from Mark & Christine – which are also certified organic, but thankfully plentiful enough to include in our standard boxes too!