Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 14th July

This week’s box has a distinctly southern feel, with less than 20% of the produce coming in from the north of the state. Many of the growers who supply our organic boxes are located in the Huon area – Golden Valley Farm, Geeveston Community Farm, Longley Organic Farm, Duggan Brand and Cygnet Mushroom Farm – an area with a fairly unforgiving winter climate. Golden Valley Farm has now shut down for winter, and the Geeveston Community Farm is hoping to last till the end of July, but the reality is that it’s quite hard to grow vegetables in mud and frost! We had hoped to get some pretty Chioggia beets from GCF for this week but due to the cold weather they hadn’t reached a suitable size – the carrots that replaced them equally as delicious though! – but we were very lucky to be able to get enough Wombok from Longley Organic Farm, not just for the organic boxes but for all boxes this week! We’re hopeful to be able to continue to supply organic boxes for the remaining two Fridays in July at this stage, but sourcing suitable variety of produce is becoming more and more difficult.

Our Lymington potato grower John is having a good season, despite the dry weather, and this week has provided us with another order of Cranberry Red potatoes, which in addition to a lovely red coloured skin also have a red tinted interior. Also from the south are hazelnuts from Huon Hazelnuts, to our knowledge the only chemical-free grower in the state. $20, $30 and $40 boxes this week include delicious Queensland Blue pumpkin from The Old Farm, and $20 and $40 boxes have a feast of feijoas, for which the season will soon finish up.