Jerusalem artichoke and turmeric soup, with mushroom garnish

Roughly peel then wash around half a kilo of artichokes. Add to a baking tray, toss in garlic oil and turmeric (about a tsp or so), asafoedita (about half a tbsp) and a little salt, and add some curry leaves. Roast for around an hour at 180c.

Transfer the cooked artichokes and curry leaves to a saucepan, pour about half a litre of chicken stock into the baking tray and scrape the roasting residue off into the stock, then transfer the stock to the saucepan also. Boil briefly to soften any remaining under-cooked bits of artichoke, then puree using a stick blender.

Slice about 200g mushrooms and a few spring onions, finely dice a clove of garlic. Add the mushrooms and spring onions to a frying pan with plenty of butter and a tsp each of cumin seed and mustard seed and some more curry leaves, plus a little chilli powder, and cook until the mushrooms are softened. Add a little salt and the diced garlic, then cook for a short while longer to take the raw edge off the garlic.

To serve – add soup to bowl, top with mushrooms and drizzle over some more garlic oil.