Beef & peanut fried rice

Firstly – cook about one and a half cups of white rice, and if possible, steam a chopped carrot and head of broccoli on top.

To make the peanut sauce – roast about half a cup of peanuts until quite dark but not burnt. Grind in a spice grinder or similar with a stick of lemongrass, about a tbsp of coriander seed, three or four cloves of garlic, a little shrimp paste, about a quarter cup of shredded coconut, a dollop of rice malt syrup (or any other sweetener of your choice) and about a tbsp of minced or chopped fresh chilli. Loosen with a little oil and water if required.

Finely slice about a quarter of a cabbage and half a bunch of spring onion; slice two Chinese sausage; slice up to 500g of beef steak (doesn’t need to be top quality, as long as you slice across the grain and keep the slices thin.)

When all the above is complete, heat up a little oil in a wok. Add the spring onion, cabbage and sausage to the wok first, stir-fry til the cabbage begins to wilt, then add the beef and cook until the meat is about half cooked. Add the steamed veg and the peanut sauce, and keep everything moving over high heat for a while to avoid sticking. Once the peanut sauce is broken up add some oyster sauce and a little water if necessary – you don’t want a soup, but the peanut mix can be quite tight. When the meat is about medium (never overcook beef in a stir-fry!) add the cooked rice, combine well, breaking up any rice clumps, until everything is well mixed and heated through.

Top with an egg, fried in coconut oil and topped with a little Japanese seven-spice blend. (Optional, but very good…)