Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 12th May

Dening_02880-199x300Winter seems to have hit all at once this week; supply on cherry tomatoes and strawberries has slowed to a trickle, we’ve just had our first delivery of 100kg of delicious walnuts from Coaldale Walnuts, and (thankfully) our heater has just been fixed! Something wrong with the safety valve apparently… Moving right along, whilst it’s been another fairly lacklustre season for most produce, Phil and Jane are really happy with both the quality and the yield of walnuts this season from their Richmond property – and if you’re keen for a day out, they’re holding an open day (well, days plural actually!) this weekend – details in this link. You can even pick your own walnuts at just $5/kg, a great deal if you’re a walnut lover. We’ll also begin offering both walnuts and hazelnuts soon as optional add-ons, in addition to occasionally including them in the boxes.

quinceThis week’s box is full of delicious autumnal things, and with pumpkins, parsnips and King Edward potatoes, it’s perfect for warming up the house with a heart-warming roast meal – what mum wouldn’t like a roast meal with all the trimmings laid on for Mothers’ Day on Sunday! (Well, maybe check that she’s not vegetarian first…) There’s also plenty of nutritious greens from Richmond Farm and Grown for Taste, delicious certified organic Pink Lady apples from Mark & Christine, and even some quinces from home-grower Tash from Richmond. There’s still a hint of summer left though, with capsicums and tomatoes (which should continue for the rest of this month, fingers crossed) and fresh oregano from Hills Hydroponics (something we don’t often include, as it’s often hard to get hold of). This week’s organic box features Golden Valley Farm – we’ve had some logistical challenges sourcing Alex’s produce up til now but we’ve managed to figure out a solution to these and we’re hoping to feature his delicious produce, from just outside of Cygnet, more regularly in future organic boxes.

12th May