Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 21st April

17884506_1876547385926754_6530058944230218925_nWe’re excited to be going on one of our grower road-trips this weekend; these give us a chance to meet growers who live and work further afield, see how they work and talk about how and why they do what they do. These trips are always really inspiring for us, reminding us how special these people are and how important what we do is in enabling customers to source local produce and learn more about where and who their food comes from. This time we’ll be heading down to the Tasman Peninsula, and amongst others we’re very much looking forward to meeting George & Hilary from Grown for Taste. We love including exotic items and less common varieties in our boxes with the standard veg, and G & H have pretty much elevated this to an art-form – in addition to supplying peninsula locals with delicious fresh produce, they also grow rare items to order for chefs with clear ideas of what they want! We’ve managed to get a plethora of peppers from them this week – green, yellow and the very pretty Hungarian wax – along with a “super-green” mix, designed to be lightly cooked but probably great for juicing too if you’re that way inclined, and more of the delicious bunched carrots that we’ve included in our boxes previously.

molecules-22-00085-g001Avoland are nearing the end of their picking season – we’ve included avocados in the $30, $40 and organic boxes this week, which may be the last time we’ll include them in the boxes this season, so if you’re keen to stock up, don’t forget you can order them by the kilo from us as an optional add-on. Mark & Christine have supplied us with a quarter tonne of Jonagold apples – one of the nicest eating apples out there – and as a special treat for the organic boxes, we’ve been able to source enough organically grown broccoli from Scrubby Hill Farm to provide quite a generous amount for each box. The organic boxes also include a few banana passionfruit from our own vine – with a bit of luck we might even have some of our own figs to include in the boxes soon! We’re also very pleased to welcome back Matt from Geezer and Co, who’s had a week or two off with an injury that’s prevented him from crafting those delicious crumpets.

21st April