Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 13th April

pear_anjouredEaster means many things to many people – and we’ve done our best to accommodate as many of them as possible. Delicious hot-cross buns from Philadelphia Bakers for feasting on; beautiful certified organic dill from York Town Organics for adding extra flavour to the fish you might be eating tomorrow; carrots for furry visitors with big floppy ears; croissants if you’re just looking for a nice late brunch for the start of a long weekend; and even red cabbage for a pretty coleslaw for an Easter BBQ. It’s been a bit of a push to squeeze the normal five day process of planning, ordering, collecting, packing and delivering into four days, but whatever Easter means to you, I’m sure we can all agree it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the last of the FullSizeRender (6)sunshine with the people who we love – and we’re looking forward to having an extra day this weekend to do that too!

A few special treats this week – John’s mum has a few fruit trees at her place (one door down Donohoe Road, named after a relative a few generations back), and had a particularly good crop of Cox’s Orange Pippin apples, which $20 boxes can enjoy this week. We’ve also managed to get some beautifully coloured crisp Red D’Anjou pears from Lucaston Park Orchards, which are included in the $30 and $40 boxes. $30 boxes also have some beautiful lettuce from Richmond Farm. And a special treat for the organic boxes – we’ve been able to get enough corn from Longley Organic Farm to include one each box – not a lot, but it’s great to be able to start including more of these “standard” vegetables in these boxes.

13th April

*Please note that the weights in the above chart are indicative only – whilst every effort is made, produce naturally comes in varying shapes and sizes and doesn’t always neatly conform to the metric measurement system. If you think any items in your box are unreasonably in variance from the specified amount, please let us know.