Corn & celeriac chowder with chorizo and broccoli garnish

Remove the skin and shoots from the top of a large celeriac; roughly chop, wash, and boil in about a litre of chicken stock. Cut a broccoli into small-ish pieces (half florets, 1 cm dice for the stem) and steam on top of the celeriac if you have a steamer, or cook separately until softened.

DSCN1747Meanwhile, dice a chorizo, and finely dice a red onion. Saute in a heavy pan in some garlic oil (or use olive oil and add some fresh chopped garlic at the next step) until the chorizo is beginning to get a little crispy around the edges, add a tsp of fennel seed and the broccoli and continue to cook over high heat until the broccoli starts to brown a little here and there. Deglaze with a little butter, and when the butter is absorbed, flambe a little brandy (if you feel confident in doing so!) and stir through a tsp or two of honey. Remove from the heat. (A heavy pan will hold the warmth in the garnish whilst you finish the soup.)

When the celeriac is cooked, remove from the heat add about a cup of milk and puree. Season generously to taste (plenty of pepper is good), and add the corn, then put the lid back on and allow the residual heat to warm the corn through.

If you have a “presentation ring”, fill with garnish, pour the soup about 3 quarters of the way up the ring, and remove the ring. Otherwise, either carefully pour the soup around the garnish mounded in the middle, or just scatter the garnish on top of the soup. Garnish further with a sprinkling of fresh coriander.