Crispy pork spare-ribs with chilli jam and water spinach

DSCN1533Cut half a kilo of pork spare-ribs into bite sized pieces (you may need to carefully remove the larger longitudinal bones, and will definitely need a sharp knife). Deep fry until crispy; drain and season.

For the chilli jam: roughly chop a stalk of lemongrass and about seven or eight red chillis, put in food processor with about a quarter cup of sugar, a whole bulb of peeled garlic cloves and a generous teaspoon of DSCN1534shrimp paste. Blend to the desired consistency, add a squeeze of lime and put in a jar. (This should last a while in the fridge, as it’s salty, sugary and acidic, but if you’re not planning to use it quickly it’s probably good to freeze it.) You could just use a bought chilli jam instead if you’re short on time or any of the above ingredients.

Prep the water spinach by stripping off the leaves and slicing the stems into small lengths; cut two red onions into chunky wedges. Stir fry the onion and stalks in a hot wok with sesame oil until slightly softened and showing some burnished edges, then add the pork and stir-fry to bring it back up to temperature for a minute or so, then add as much of the chilli jam as you like (I used a very
heaped teaspoon) and cook for another minute or so to take the raw edge off it. Add a slosh of hot water (just enough to create a little steam), add the leaves, and once they start to wilt a little, begin stirring them through. When the leaves are cooked (they should still have some bite to them) add plenty of oyster sauce, combine well (still over heat) and serve with jasmine rice.