Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 27th January

DSCN9260This week’s $30 boxes feature an only rarely available stir-fry veg – water spinach, otherwise known as morning glory or kang kong. This leafy green is closely related to sweet potato, and is best prepared (pictured left) by stripping the leaves off the stems and then chopping the stems into lengths – the stems will require slightly longer cooking and will retain some crispiness, but the leaves will wilt like most leafy greens. Here’s a recipe from a while back – the kohlrabi could be replaced with the broccoli from this week’s box, the stem of which is similar in flavour and texture.

DSCN1517We’ve also got some more beautiful Tassie avocados from Avoland, which teamed with Moore’s new-season red onions and some lime juice will sort out a pretty tasty guacamole (literally, avocado sauce). (Don’t forget – the avocados are picked green and “ripen” off the tree – Avoland grow the Haas variety, which turn dark green when they’re ready to eat, which should take a few days to a week on the kitchen bench. Don’t store them in the fridge!)

This week’s organic boxes feature warrigal greens from the Backyard Bounty backyard, a native green that apparently kept scurvy at bay for the sailors of the Endeavour, along with tasty goodies from regulars Longley Organic Farm and York Town Organics (whose cos lettuce is also included in the $30 boxes this week).

The fruit supplement sees the end of the apricot season for The Apricot Farm in Granton, and also includes tasty cherries from Reid fruit and also ravishing certified organic raspberries from Longley Farm.

27th January