Pork belly with satay sauce and pineapple fried rice – FODMAP FRIENDLY

DSCN1507Score pork belly skin, and slow roast for a few hours (130-150c).

For fried rice: dice pineapple. carrot; finely dice ginger. Cook rice and cool; stir chopped basil through. In a hot wok with sesame oil stir fry pineapple til starting to brown a little, then add ginger and carrot (and some spring onion greens if you like) and continue to cook until the carrot has softened slightly. Add a little fish sauce, then add the cooked rice and stir-fry, adding plenty of oyster sauce (not all oyster sauces are gluten-free so if you’re aiming for FODMAP friendly avoid the ones that contain gluten).

For satay sauce: combine a roughly chopped stick of lemongrass, coriander seed, a little sugar and aesofedita in a spice grinder (or food processor) and grind to a powder. Cook out in a little oil, then add a few heaped spoonfuls of peanut butter and combine well. When the peanut butter is soft, add about half a tin of coconut milk, over medium heat, being careful not to split the milk. When it’s all combined, season with fish sauce and sugar as needed, and add pepper and garlic oil as desired. (Thai food was originally made spicy with pepper and ginger before chillies were introduced to Asia.)

Finish the pork off under a very hot grill to crisp up the skin, then put on top of the fried rice and pour over the sauce. (I added some chopped chilli and spring onion to the non-FODMAP plates.)