Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 20th January

This year continues to dish up some pretty confounding weather – after a few weeks in a Japanese winter we had thought we might be returning to glorious summer days, but its closer to being in a cold room with someone turning the heater on and off… On the plus side, the distinctly un-summery weather means that fruit is ripening a little later, giving us more opportunity to share Tasmania’s world-class fruit with you, both in the regular boxes and in our fruit supplement! This week’s boxes also feature a bounty of beans from Harvest Moon, along with some super-fresh cauliflower that was harvested yesterday and arrived with us this morning. Cherry tomatoes from Tamar Hydroponics are a rare treat – Jamie and family’s small-scale mixed crop greenhouse in Glengary struggles to keep up with demand – and we also welcome back Corey from Nichols Rivulet with some lovely carrots, pink eye potatoes and zucchini in the organic boxes.

$20Each week we include a rather daunting table listing what goes in each type of box – this is partly so you can make sure you’ve received all the things you’re supposed to, and also for new customers to get a sense of what each box includes. With our regular photographer away for a couple of weeks, we’ve taken the opportunity to take photos of each of the different box types to hopefully give you a bit of a better idea of what to expect.

$25Our $20 small box – top left – is recommended for singles or those who like to supplement with other veg; we try to keep the quantities small (e.g. this week’s box only has half a kilo of carrots) so that the box can have variety and balance.

$30Our $25 budget box – top right – sticks with familiar veg and aims to provide plenty of substance for minimum cost; this week’s box features new season’s Kennebec potatoes, beans and cauliflower from Harvest Moon, along with a kilo of carrots from Premium Fresh and a $35punnet of blueberries as a special treat.

Our $30 regular box – centre left – is our most popular box; it usually includes potatoes, root veg, tomatoes and/or capsicum as seasonally available, salad items, greens, herbs and/or garlic and more. Our $20 and $40 boxes are generally similar to the $30 box in content but different in size – all three boxes this week include John’s King Edward potatoes, Premium Fresh carrots and cucumber, for instance. These three types of box are collectively called “standard” boxes.

Our $35 organic box – centre right – includes only items that are grown organically or certified organic. This means that this box will sit somewhere in between the $20 and
$30 boxes in terms of quantity, and can also mean that certain items are less likely to be included (for $40instance, whilst our regular boxes have included tomatoes since September, $10we’re only including tomatoes in the organic boxes now, which are grown, unlike the hydroponic varieties, in soil).

Our $40 large box – bottom left – really is pretty big… In addition to extra potatoes, this week’s box has almost all of the items on the list included. In addition to families, we recommend this box for vegetarians.

Our $10 fruit supplement – bottom right – this week includes half a kilo of delicious seconds strawberries from DM Jennings & Sons (which taste as good as the firsts but are much cheaper, meaning we can give you more!), and approximately half a kilo each of Moorpark apricots from Granton and nectarines from Canes Stonefruit in Franklin. Tasmanian fruit is delicious but has a short season; we thoroughly recommend adding this supplement to your order to make the most of what’s seasonally available while it lasts. (Don’t forget, we can also source bulk quantities of fruit and other produce to order.)

The full listings for each box are below – don’t forget you can also set up exclusions on any of these types of boxes if there are items you don’t like to eat, can’t eat or grow yourself.

20th Jan