Spice-rubbed lamb rack with pearl couscous pilaf

dscn0138Combine a tbsp each of cumin, coriander, chipotle and salt (preferably grind all from whole), and work into a paste with olive oil. Rub on lamb rack and cook at about 180-200 til cooked as desired.

Roughly chop an onion, three small capsicum, a bunch of parsley; halve half a punnet of cherry tomatoes; finely chop four or five garlic cloves. Add the onion and capsicum to a very hot skillet with some olive oil and some salt, and brown well. Add the tomatoes, garlic and about a tbsp of dried mint, cook til slightly softened, then add a half litre of chicken stock, a drained tin of chick peas and about half a cup of pearl couscous. Continue to cook over high heat til couscous is cooked, liquid is evaporated and the couscous begins to stick to the skillet, then deglaze with a little more water, add a generous amount of butter, and cook to dry but moist stirring well. Add chopped parsley off the heat, and top with the cooked lamb. (Drizzle with the juice of a lemon if you’ve got one available!)