Christmas Box Orders now open!

d00688b4f860bd6a7b5cb697b9a347c7Christmas means different things to different people; that’s why every year we offer our special Backyard Bounty choose-your-own Christmas box. If your plans include a traditional Christmas dinner, or entertaining friends, or if you just want Santa to bring you a big box of all your favourite seasonal Tassie fruit and veg two days before Christmas day, we’ve got it covered! Don’t forget, this is the last box we’ll do until the 20th of January, so you might want to stock up on some items for after Christmas too.

We’ve significantly increased the options this year; to simplify the process of packing we’re offering items in set quantities. To place your order, please either fill in the details on the pdf or word format order form, or if you like, download the excel format and enter the amounts of each item in, and the form will work out your totals for you! Then simply save the form as your own name and email it back to us. If you prefer, you can print out the form and fill it out by hand, or simply email us with a list of the amounts of each item you want (using the set quantities provided). Please, though, if you do this, list the items in the same order as they are on the form to save Mr BB a big headache…

Start by filling in the quantities column, then fill in the subtotal column by multiplying the quantity by the price (if you download the excel format you won’t need to do this). If you’d like any BB products from the available items please type/write them in the space provided, and include the total price of these in the subtotal column adjacent. Delivery will be $5 for orders up to $50, $10 from $50-$100, and $15 for all orders of $100 or above (this is to allow for the number of boxes that the larger orders will take up). If you’d like delivery, please enter the price in the delivery subtotal box based upon the above formula. If no value is placed in the delivery subtotal box we’ll assume you’re picking your order up from us at the nominated time.

We’ll then check through your order to make sure it’s all ok, and email it back to you as an invoice to confirm your order.

Please note, the growers listed on the form are who we plan to buy from, but if items are not available for reasons beyond our control we reserve the right to make changes to this as required.

Orders close on the 12th of December, and payment must be in our account (or proof of payment provided) no later than Friday 16th December. Boxes will be available for pick up on the 23rd December between 1 and 5 PM; delivery will be between 9 and 5 on the 23rd.

If you’re looking for someone to supply meat to go with all your vegetables, we heartily reccomend Greens Quality Meats – we can provide you with details for ordering your Christmas meat needs directly from Paul, and as an added incentive he can deliver your order on ice to our door on the 23rd for you to collect with your BB order.

(Apologies if this is all a bit complicated – questions are welcome!)

backyard-bounty-christmas-box-order-form pdf

backyard-bounty-christmas-order-form excel