Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 11th November

This week’s box includes produce from nineteen different Tasmanian growers (not including the producers who provide us with eggs, bread and crumpets each week). One of the things that we’re most proud of in our over-sized cottage business is the ever-increasing list of local growers we’re able to support in the process of feeding hundreds of families every week; something that we think makes us unique in the Tasmanian context. We plan each week’s box on Sunday, tweak it Monday, then order over Monday and Tuesday, juggling a range of logistics requirements (freight, collection, delivery) to ensure that all items are packed and in boxes by Friday morning at the very latest so that Pops BB can start loading up his one hundred deliveries at 8:30 AM. (Today, Rob, our driver from Jet, left with his 40 boxes at around 9:45, and Mr BB took another 65 fifteen minutes later). It’s a carefully choreographed dance that always teeters just on the edge of calamity, but somehow always works out… unnamed-1last week, the strawberries arrived late; the week before that the rhubarb was short; the week before that the capsicum order arrived a day late due to show day. We’re always grateful for your smiles and understanding – it’s very rewarding to have happy customers at one end and happy growers at the other.

Little Farm have supplied us with a feast of globe artichokes for this week’s organic boxes, and the $20 boxes have some lovely garden-fresh mint from Anita. Clare from York Town Organics let us know on Monday that they had an abundance of their delicious baby silverbeet, so that’s included in the organic boxes and the $40 boxes; we’ve also included the half-kilo punnets of Jennings “seconds” strawberries (honestly, sometimes I can’t tell the difference between the firsts and seconds…) in the $40 boxes as well as the budget boxes this week. John’s delicious pinkeye potatoes are included in the $30s and $40s (the Huonville IGA are selling 100kg of these a day at the moment) and we’re looking forward to some new season garlic and kennebecs soon too.

Full details of this week’s box below: