Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 4th November

12105723_977276272334792_4544281063144344888_nASLDKJFASDFLKJ… I could write just about anything here, whatever I say it’s going to ALL BE ABOUT THE STRAWBERRIES! DM Jennings and Sons’ strawberry season is on – we reckon they’re just about the best strawberries in Tasmania, and this is certainly a battle that the South wins… If you head down to Cygnet, you’ll see the hills covered with rows of David’s strawberries, grown using the “plasticulture” method, where the earth is mounded, covered with black plastic and the plants are then punched through the holes. $20, $30 and $40 boxes get a 250g punnet this week, and the budget boxes get a full half kilo of seconds, which often aren’t as pretty but still taste just as good, and there’s more of ‘em! If you’re lucky, there’ll be some left after the kids get their hands on them…

img_6320Moving right along now, a few interesting additions to this week’s organic and $40 boxes: Kindred Organics have supplied us with some puffed buckwheat. Kindred grow buckwheat amongst their other grain crops; some goes to flour, some is sold whole, and some is puffed – the latter is pretty tasty just as is, but would also be ideal for muesli bars and the like (especially if you’ve still got some of Coaldale’s walnuts left…). And, if this is something important to you, it’s also naturally gluten free (as is quinoa, also grown by Lauran and Henriette). We’ve also included some chicory from Coal River Red, which has a bitter taste when eaten raw, but becomes tender and sweet when boiled (the bitterness leaches into the water, which can be discarded). Gus says the best way to cook it is to boil it, then sauté it in some olive oil with tomatoes (tinned or fresh) and garlic (which is handy, as this week’s organic box also has a generous amount of Longley Organic Farm’s fresh spring garlic.

Richmond Farm also features strongly this week, with bunched carrots, beautiful purple radishes, broccoli, bok choy, coriander, AND spinach. (A special mention to Kou, who’s put together the whole order for us with Joua away with her sick mother in Melbourne.)