Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 28th October

John_19-820x490This week’s box sees the first digging of our regular potato grower John’s pink eye potatoes – sometimes know as Southern Gold (yeah right…), these waxy, full-flavoured potatoes are perfect for a good old-fashioned potato salad or for just boiling and drenching in butter. John, with son Ben and Jesse the farm dog, grows his winter potatoes at the very top of the property repatriated to his grandfather after the first world war, on a steep well-drained patch that receives sun even during the winter. These early season pink eyes are just the way we like ‘em – tiny! – and we’re looking forward to other new season’s varieties, along with peas, beans and raspberries, from John’s picturesque Lymington property, just in time for Christmas.

14720406_10154793523531337_269659329160726352_nOther highlights of this week’s box include not one, but two home-grown items in the organic boxes – intriguing bumpy-skinned “bush” lemons from Ilka, and lovely bunches of mint from subscriber Amy (who will receive credit towards her November order in exchange – if you’ve got any home-grown produce please let us know!) Joua from Richmond Farm has provided us with a limited number of pretty purple radishes, and Premium Fresh are back with new season’s rhubarb and asparagus. We also bid farewell to pumpkins – after moving through many tonnes of pumpkin over the winter, we have just 23 kilos of Forest Hill’s sweet grey pumpkin left, and Martin’s Jarrahdales and Queensland Blues are ALL gone!