October orders are now open!

Orders are now open for October! To place an order, just let us know by email (backyardbounty.vegiebox@gmail.com) what box type and optional add-ons you’d like on each of the following dates. If you’re ordering for the first time or you’re changing your delivery/pick-up status you’ll need to specify this too with the order. (New customers are also welcome to order a single box to try the service first, and as an added incentive, delivery is free with your first box.) Don’t forget – you’re welcome to specify exclusions with your box – when your excluded items are in a box, they’ll be swapped for something of equivalent value.

  • 7th October
  • 14th October
  • 21st October
  • 28th October

You’ll find all the information you need about the various box types and add-ons here. Due to popular demand, we’ll continue to do the new $25 budget box and $35 organic box for October and beyond, along with the regular $20, $30 and $40 boxes. Please note that crumpets will not be available on the 7th July as Matt is having a well-earned holiday!

12118921_945439352196224_2848250566771411962_nOctober will see the welcome return of tomatoes (truss, regular and cherry varieties), along with capsicums and cucumbers, from a variety of hydroponic growers – outdoor tomatoes will be a lot further away. It’s also the very short window that locally grown asparagus is available, so we’ll be hitting it pretty hard while we can – if you don’t care for asparagus, please let us know with your October order or you’ll be getting it in almost all of your boxes! We’re also looking forward to spring garlic (a real treat if you’ve only ever used “dry” garlic), and if you’re very lucky there might even be some strawberries

All customers with subscription orders should now have received their October invoices (with the exception of those with amounts outstanding on their September invoices). We’re always more than happy to make changes to your standing order – we want you to enjoy your weekly dose of fresh, local produce! – but a reminder please: all cancellations are due no later than Monday each week. We’ve had quite a few last minute requests for cancellations with the school holiday period creeping up on people, and we do our best to swap your orders for new customers who’ve missed the ordering deadline (which is also Monday COB), but we order Monday night and Tuesday morning to give growers time to harvest and to allow for freight from the north of Tasmania, and only order what we need so that food is not wasted (a big part of the reason we’re able to provide such great value is that our model doesn’t factor in wastage as a cost), so requests for cancellations on Wednesday and Thursday, in the middle of packing and prep, can really be a big headache! 

Please email backyardbounty.vegiebox@gmail.com to order for October or for any enquiries, and we’ll get back to you on Saturday and Sunday after the weekly Thursday-Friday madness is over!