Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 19th August

It can be easy to not notice markedly different weather patterns when you’re a city-dweller and the worst case scenario is that you need to wear a raincoat or turn up the heater a bit; but this winter has been a very wet winter. There’s been coverage in media recently regarding the total damage toll of a few major flooding events in the state, but the wet has also caused ongoing problems with larger farming operations even where it hasn’t destroyed crops and livestock, as it limits the opportunity to get machines into fields for digging, planting and harvesting – for instance, John, our potato grower, has been planting peas for us to buy closer to Christmas time, but has had to plant them higher up the hill where the ground is better drained. This has also led to slightly patchy supply of quite a few lines at two of our larger North-West growers, Premium Fresh and Forest Hill Farm, especially root crops.

14068426_10154561915146337_8406073334517855074_oAs a result, when I rang through an order for a half-tonne bin of certified organic pumpkin from Forest Hill for this week’s boxes, I didn’t expect much good news when I asked if anything else was available at the moment – and so was very excited to hear that they had actually managed to dig a truckload (literally – 14 tonnes) of their purple carrots! I snapped up a small share for our BB customers (a quarter tonne) – and then contacted Elphin Grove about the order of celeriac we’d penciled in to see if we could move it forward, which slotted in nicely with them as they were marking lambs and had quite a busy week.

It’s been one of those sorts of week’s at BBHQ – where things seem to happily fall into place and nothing’s needed changing at the last minute due to logistics or supply problems; quite a result considering that we’re continuing to edge up towards 250 with another record number of 245 boxes this week. Hopefully it’s a harbinger of the plenty of spring (and hopefully with it an improvement in growing weather!) – this week’s box is full of colour and flavour, but we’re still hanging out for asparagus, and strawberries, and tomatoes… not long now!

Here’s what’s in the box:

19th August