Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 22nd July

DSCN0393This week we almost matched our record of 234 boxes (only 231 this time) – these little achievements and milestones, along with the warm encouragement and friendly patience from our customers are what keep us going, especially on cold miserable days like today. This week, though, I was prompted to reflect on how much activity goes on by other businesses and families, who like us have good weeks and bad weeks and are buoyed by the encouragement of happy customers, to enable us to run our own business.

Every Monday night, Mrs BB and I have a set routine: I enter the raw numbers and basic order into the spreadsheet and extract the data on the exclusions as relevant to the week, she then works out what each customer with an applicable exclusion will get instead of their exclusion, then I go through and make the adjustments to the numbers as required so we know how much of everything to order. Dozens of emails and phonecalls later, some Monday night, some Tuesday morning, and if we’re lucky plan A will go ahead; as a result, people all across our state get to work preparing food (either that they’ve grown or made) to be ready for you, our customer, to eat! (If we’re not, it turns into even more calls and emails and rejuggling of numbers until we finally get to a viable solution…)

13775742_614878648676956_3105895075267783918_nThe prompt for this reflection was a photo on Elphin Grove’s page that popped up in my facebook feed on Wednesday of our celeriac order being graded after harvest, all the way up in Sassafras – Matt then drives the order to the local freight depot, and it makes its way overnight to Brighton by refrigerated transport so we can pick it up on Thursday. Every item that ends up in your box has its own little chain of events that need to take place for it to get there (including the actual act of packing it!), and each link in that chain is someone’s livelihood. It’s quite a nice little web to be in the middle of!

I was greeted this morning by a very tired Corey (of Philadelphia Bakers) as he dropped of the bread for this week’s boxes – he’d had an hour or so’s sleep, which is often the case when he’s baking for orders and the shop. Making money out of food is hard graft, but it’s also very rewarding when you get a pat on the back for a job well done. Thanks for your continued encouragement; your likes, comments and shares are seen by many of our producers, and I’m sure they light up their cold days too.

Here’s what’s in this week’s box:

22nd July