Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 8th July

It’s that time of year again – the time to tell the tax man all about what you’ve been doing for the last twelve months… when you run a small business, though, it’s also a great opportunity to take stock of how everything’s going and get some solid data to plan for the future. In the process of unpicking the numbers, a statistic jumped out at me that I thought might be worth sharing: in the last financial year, Backyard Bounty has spent around a quarter of a million dollars on Tassie produce and locally produced food! We love supporting local growers, obviously, but we also love supporting other local businesses, like those that supply us with the delicious add-ons every week (as pictured in this week’s photo): Corey’s delicious breads, Mark & Christine’s fresh juice, Geezer & Co’s crumpets, and eggs from our newest producer, Banticks Farm (this week is the first week we’ve been able to fully meet demand using only Jeremy and Richard’s eggs!) We’re lucky to live in a time where the average person can spend a very small proportion of their income on food (at least compared to earlier times in history); the downside of this is that it’s really hard to make money in the food business – recent issues in the dairy industry highlight this very problem. We’re glad to be able to support local growers and producers with your help, keeping your money in local hands and away from the vagaries of export cost pressures, helping to keep Tasmanians employed and well fed!

DSCN0010This week’s box features something new (we try to have something new most weeks!) – we’ve been able to source Tasmanian wombok (aka Chinese cabbage) from Dendra Market Gardens in Cuprona in the state’s north-west; perfect for a nice big batch of that Korean favourite, kimchi. We’ve also got some delicious sprouted red lentils from Pegasus Sprouts, and the last of John & Christine’s feijoas for the season.

Here’s the full breakdown:

8th July