Georgia’s silky celeriac, cauliflower and honey soup

13533024_10154412756765039_5551836352817601196_nSautee off some BB onions and BB garlic in some olive oil in a heavy based pot. When soft, add in a peeled, diced BB celeriac and about half a head of roughly chopped BB cauliflower. Cook these for long enough that they get a nice brown colour to them – this really adds a good depth of flavour to the soup. Now add enough milk to cover the veggies in the pot and simmer on low medium heat for about 15 minutes.

Take off the heat and and allow to cool a bit before adding good quality salt flakes, freshly ground black pepper and of course, around 2 tablespoons of good Tasmanian honey.

Blend it all up until silky. Make sure you taste to make sure you have enough seasoning and honey and adjust accordingly.

Serve hot with another good drizzle of honey.

(This recipe was uploaded with the permission of the original poster.)