Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 24th June

13522802_10154398709011337_985362223724509732_o (1)The winter solstice usually coincides with the coldest weather of the year, and I’d say that’s definitely true this year! It’s also coincided with our biggest number of all-Tasmanian vegie boxes ever (233!) This week’s box has lovely chantenay carrots and shallots from Premium Fresh, perfect for adding whole to a delicious slow-braised stew, and my favourite winter veg of all – Brussels Sprouts! (I wonder if these will still be called this now that Britain is leaving the EU…)

We’ve also got some very tasty pears in this week’s box from OE Hansen & Sons┬áin Nubeena – Scott specialises in pears, and judging by the delicious Winter Coles and Packhams in this week’s box, that specialisation has paid off. Perfect for eating raw – or why not make a tasty crumble using the Coaldale walnuts also included!

Don’t forget to get your orders in for July – information about the options available has been sent out to our mailing list, and is also on the website. Please note that we’ve been able to make arrangements with a new egg supplier, Bantick’s Farm, who have one of the lowest stocking densities in Tasmania! More info on this to come, but please note that as we phase these eggs in we’ll also be phasing out half dozens. As a special treat, we’ve got some one-off BB products you can add to your July boxes: Zingy Tomatillo Salsa (a Mexican-inspired tart but rich salsa) and Indian Lime Pickle (a salty curry condiment, one of our favourites, but not often available due to the difficulty of sourcing local limes!)

Here’s the run-down:

24th June