Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 17th June

brand_300x380_large_stamp_growers_cracknellIf you keep driving past the Bridgewater bridge, heading out to New Norfolk, you’ll see a little handwritten sign on the side of the road that simply says “TOMATOES”. If you drive up the driveway, you’ll see a little roadside stall – a nice little nod to the old ways for a business that actually supplies tonnes of tomatoes every year to Woolworths and others. We’ve been buying our tomatoes from the Cracknells since before we even started the vegie boxes (their sauce tomatoes make our sauce, kasundi, cafe relish and green tomato pickle), and whilst they employ a handful of packers and “gardeners”, it’s very much a family business. This week marks the end of the season, but it also marks a changing of the guard – Nick & Sue will be “retiring”, and son Matt (pictured right) 13423744_10154378732226337_819634808673299872_nwill be taking the reigns from the new house they’ve built on the property. We wish Nick & Sue well in their retirement, and are glad that we’ll still be able to get their great tomatoes.

We’re also pleased to be able to include a bit more northern Tasmanian produce this week as farmers and packers start to bounce back from the devastating floods last week. Bec from Cygnet Mushroom Farm has provided us with some lovely oyster mushrooms (in all-new biodegradable containers), more of Martin’s amazing pumpkins (how good do they taste? OMG!), and a lucky few even have some home-grown limes from Ilka in Geilston Bay.

Here’s the full list:

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