Pasta with olive oil-roasted broccoli and cherry tomatoes

DSCN9890Cut broccoli into florets and slices of stem (I used two heads for this dish); halve cherry tomatoes (up to a full punnet’s worth). Add to a baking dish with smashed garlic cloves, broken up dried chilli, and a grind of salt, then toss well with a generous amount of olive oil. (The olive oil becomes the “sauce” for the pasta, so you’ll want as much as a quarter cup or more. Bake until the tomatoes come apart and the broccoli browns a little and softens. Remove from oven, and stir through some chopped anchovies and the zest of a lemon.


Boil pasta; drain, then add the roasted veg, along with as much oil as you can scrape out of the dish (a spatula may come in handy here). Serve with parmesan, extra anchovies and olives.