Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 27th May

13316942_10154322259846337_8410339629255958003_oWe’re pretty pleased with this week’s box – not only does it have some serious heft to it, it’s also got some lovely things in it too! Topping the list, we’ve been able to get some beautiful certified organic lemon grass from Eatem Organic Farm. The smell of lemon grass is up there with fresh vanilla as being almost impossible not to like, and makes a delicious tea, but it’s more commonly used in south-east Asian cooking, both in curry pastes and soups (e.g. the Thai classic, Tom Yum). It’s often found in combination with the usual suspects (garlic, chilli, coriander) but it’s a delicious flavouring in its own right in stir-fries and grilled meat dishes. Watch the ends of the grass though, they’re quite sharp!

Dening_003We’ve also got the first of the season of Coaldale Walnuts¬†(pictured left) – one of the treats of doing what we do in winter is being able to stock up on delicious Tassie nuts, and Phil and Jane’s are our favourites! We’ll be putting plenty more of these in your boxes over the winter on a regular basis – enjoy!

Part of the weight factor of this week’s box is down to possibly the biggest swedes in the universe, grown by the Townsends at Mt Lloyd. Don’t let the size fool you though, they’re deliciously sweet and creamy on the inside, thanks to ensuring a frost or two before harvest. This hardworking family also run Mountain to Mouth, who have just started marketing their model-code pastured eggs.

Joua & Kou¬†provide us with stunning fresh greens most weeks which we can sometimes take for granted a bit, but $40 boxes this week have some beautiful purple radish – we try to make your boxes look nice as well as as tasting great, so the opportunity to include such a rich, deep purple was too good to pass up! You can find more of their goodies at various markets including Farm Gate’s Sunday market.

Here’s the full break-down of who gets what:

27th May