Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 13th May

13015453_642404695907672_7639166125072961758_nIf you get a whole heap of New Zealanders knocking on your door this week asking what that smell is… it’ll be the first of the feijoa season in your boxes! We’ve been able to include small home-grown quantities of this very fragrant fruit in a few boxes as substitutes in the past few weeks, but this week we were able to get our hands on 50kg of the best from Kindred Feijoas, so we were able to spread the love!¬†Feijoas are from the Myrtle family and are native to South America; they drop to the ground when they’re ready to eat, which is why John (pictured harvesting the first of this season with Harry, left) puts straw under the trees, to soften the impact and avoid bruising. The skin isn’t particularly nice to eat (although it makes a lovely jelly), so the best ways to eat feijoas include scooping out the flesh of a bisected fruit with a spoon, biting the head off and squeezing the contents into your mouth, or my personal favourite, simply because it means you can eat them quicker – peel them and eat them whole! Feijoas are grown in many countries around the world, but for some reason they really took off in New Zealand (perhaps for their ability to provide tropical flavours to a temperate climate) – I’m yet to find a kiwi who isn’t mad for them, but there’s always that exception that proves the rule…

slideOneWe’ve also been able to source locally grown and produced (and gold medal winning!) black garlic from Tasmanian Black Garlic¬†for the $40 boxes – this is regular garlic that has been aged at a temperature that part ferments, part cooks the garlic, resulting in a soft, sticky, black clove with entirely different flavour characteristics to raw garlic, highly sought after by fancy chef types.

Plus loads of family favourites for hearty winter meals as we move into the colder and darker months! Here’s the full run down of what’s in this week’s box:

13th May