Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 24th March

DSCN9521The season of Lent, a period traditionally of fasting or the forgoing of other pleasures, ends on Easter Sunday – and we think this week’s box, with its explosion of colours and flavours, is a feast worthy of such an event! The bounty in this week’s box – which for many included Philadelphia Bakers delicious hot cross buns – was almost too much for some of the $40 boxes (as pictured, with some artistic license on quantities) to actually shut properly for the purposes of deliveries…
We’re excited to see the return of John’s purple sapphire potatoes (which interestingly contain the same pigment as the red cabbage also in this week’s box, not to be confused with the pigment that stains beets, and completely devoid of some of the alarming side-effects of the latter), and John’s mum also provided the Cox’s Pippin apples (possibly the greatest apple that ever lived) that feature in the $20 boxes, with the 2kg bags in the $30 and $40 boxes grown by Mark & Christine, who’ve kindly given us first dibs of their small harvest of this rarity. On the subject of colour, Elphin Grove have also supplied us with a mix of two-tone corn and regular corn this week – so if you get one of each, take out a lottery ticket24th March!

Easter’s a time to reconnect with family after the busy start to the year, and what better way to do this than snacking on a jumbo punnet of David‘s delicious strawberries, which are really hitting their second wind right now! And James & Hermoine have given us a motherload of lovely tender golden nugget pumpkins, along with some other heirloom varieties that will feature in future boxes.

Have a great Easter – your BB feasting will help pay for all of these growers and more to enjoy their own family feasts at a busy time of the farming calendar.