Pumpkin Gnocchi with bacon, sage and garlic cream sauce

Firstly make gnocchi – this recipe¬†for potato gnocchi illustrates the method. For the pumpkin gnocchi I used about 1/3 pumpkin to 2/3 potato (no need to peel either before roasting), although you could up the pumpkin to about half quite easily, and I also added some parmesan to the mix. You will probably need more flour than with normal potato gnocchi as the starch content of pumpkin is lower. You should be able to roll the dough into sausages quickly without it sticking to your hands, but roll the sausages immediately in flour so they don’t stick to the bench or to your fork when shaping. Cook in batches and put to one side, reserve some of the cooking water.

DSCN9503For the sauce, dice two rashers of bacon, and finely chop three garlic cloves and some sage together. Add the diced bacon to a very hot pan with some olive oil, and cook till browning and slightly crisp. Add plenty of butter and the garlic sage mix, and cook briefly to take the edge off the garlic. (The butter will froth up – this is ok!) Add the cooked gnocchi (this should still be warm-hot) to the pan (still over very high heat), toss well in the sauce, then deglaze with a couple of spoonfuls of the cooking water (working carefully so as not to break the gnocchi apart). This should be absorbed and/or evaporate within seconds – then add about half a cup of cream and cook briefly til the cream completely coats the gnocchi and is no longer runny at all (see image to the right). Remove from the heat, stir through more parmesan, and serve.

Chef’s perks – don’t forget to eat the crispy potato skins left over from making the gnocchi!