11th March 2016

12800167_455468331330703_4517201885057228130_nThis week’s box features our quarterly addition of a herb seedling from Jane & Harriet from Herb & Co. The Moroccan mint included in this week’s box is just right for planting now – either plant in a pot, or if you really (really) love mint, then plant direct into the garden and watch it spread! This variety has a full, pungent, minty flavour, perfect for tea or spicing up salads and other savoury applications – or if you’re feeling adventurous, why not combine it with David Jenning’s lovely strawberries. If it really takes off, don’t forget you can always add mint to your exclusion list for future boxes and just get it from the garden when you want it!

We’re also very excited to be able to include Marcus’s saucing heirloom field tomatoes this week – a mix of KY1s and an heirloom variety evocatively titled “Polish Raspberry”, a few of which went into last night’s dinner and are just about the perfect combination of acidity and sweetness. They’re not pretty, but they’re packed with 12814747_10154092762406337_6594113001303753726_nflavour! (We’re hoping to include more of these in a few week’s time, but if you’re looking for a bulk order you can find Marcus on the Tassie Farms facebook group.)

Keeping with the theme of old varieties grown for taste rather than looks, Corey’s supplied us with 200kg of his Bramley cooking apples for you to enjoy this week also – think Granny Smith with extra Granny and you’ll be on the right track…

Here’s the breakdown of what’s in the boxes – including provenance – ┬áthis week:

11th March