19th February, 2016

12622199_1512761742358868_6506356525254566320_oWith a cool temperate climate, there are certain types of fruit and veg that grow very well in Tasmania: potatoes, onions, apples (which is why these are so commonly included in our boxes!) Having committed to providing you with all-Tasmanian produce, we’ve spent the last two years searching high and low for growers who’ve been able to either grow the unexpected, or to extend the seasons of crops that have a very narrow summer window. We’ve been having a bit of a run of late; having only just uncovered an avocado grower (who were were lucky enough to meet in person on Monday night!) a few weeks ago, we’ve now managed to find Tamar Valley Hydroponics in Glengary that, along with tomatoes and cucumbers, grows eggplants!! Naturally, we’ll be having a baba ghanoush party tonight… as always, we’d love you to post your eggplant egg-speriments on our timeline (or any of your other vegie box creations too!) Unfortunately we were only able to secure enough for the $40 boxes (we’ll make sure we include these in the other box sizes as soon as we can) but Jamie’s super-sweet cherry toms also feature in the $30 and $40 boxes.

12734138_550460095118812_5307421771380348615_nWe’re also featuring the return of Elphin Grove’s delicious sweet corn this week (with other varieties to come, and we also welcome on board Marcus from Snug whose monster cucumbers and delicious butter beans appear in some boxes. Joua’s peppery mustard greens also make a welcome return – for maximum mustardiness eat them raw in a salad, or if you prefer a milder kick, use them in stir-fries or curries. We’ve also included a larger quantity of John’s White Elephant potatoes this week, which are great for baking – in some great cosmic timing, John’s digger broke down just as we ordered almost half a tonne of potatoes, so he and son Ben have dug them by hand for your boxes this week!!

Here’s the full break-down of what’s in this week’s box (the fruit supplement is blueberries from Trublu, Lymington, and three large prune splendour plums from La Casa Vieja, Franklin:


19th Feb