22nd January, 2016

12622221_10153980899576337_4857726022237325487_oThis week we welcome a new producer on board – Eatem Organics, based in Lonnavale. Prue & Peter grow mixed certified-organic crops in secluded dell in the foothills of the mountain, and in the off-season go sledding with their team of huskies (true!) We look forward to featuring more of their produce when we can in future weeks. We’re also featuring produce from some of our biggest growers in the North-West of the state (Premium Fresh, Harvest Moon, Tas Mushroom Centre) who are facing considerable pressures at the moment with water restrictions, shipping issues and bush-fires – the growers in this fertile belt are responsible for the majority of vegetables grown in Tasmania. This week’s apricots are likely to be the last of the very early season – Lowdina’s pickers are all heading back home this week from their on-site camp in Campania; we wish Ian a speedy recovery from recent surgery, and thank Denise and family for holding the fort in his absence!

Here’s the full break-down of what’s in the different-sized boxes:

22nd jan

Brandsema – Turners Beach
Harvest Moon – Forth Farm
Tassie Pride – Don
Tas Mushroom Centre – Sheffield
Canes Orchard – Franklin