Stir-fry of Prawns with Water-Spinach and quick Sambal

Note – this is one of those types of stir-fry that pack in maximum flavour so that a little bit, served with a lot of plain steamed rice, make a satisfying meal. This recipe uses prawns and lap cheong (Chinese sausage) but scallops or even chicken or pork would also work nicely, as would tofu. Kohlrabi could be replaced with bamboo shoots or other vegetables of your choice.

To make the sambal – first, toast a couple of tbsps of coconut with a few dried chillies in a medium heat dry wok (pictured left). DSCN9261Add to spice grinder or small bowl of food processor with a few smashed cloves of garlic, and a tsp each of shrimp paste and raw sugar, and blend to a paste (pictured right.) DSCN9262(Feel free to use more chillies, or even fresh chillies, if desired.

Thinly slice some spring onions, and cut kohlrabi into strips. Prep water-spinach by removing leaves from the bottom part of the stem – make a pile of these and keep it separate to the stems (pictured below), which will take longer to cook. Cut the stems into smaller bits. Pre-thaw prawns if using frozen, and cut one lap cheong sausage into thin slices (these can be frozen and will slice well without thawing due to their low water content).

DSCN9260Stir-fry the prawns and sausage, then add the stems of the water spinach and the kohlrabi strips and cook til almost tender. Add the sambal, fry briefly then deglaze with a spoonful or two of water and a good slosh of fish sauce, and add the water spinach. Cook til wilted and well coated in the sauce, then top with the raw spring onion, crispy shallots (optional – buy these at an Asian grocer in big jars) and some oyster sauce to really bring out the prawny flavours.

Serve with PLENTY of white rice.