15th January – 2016

12539897_10153965312871337_322456694_nOur first box back for 2016, and we’ve managed to include as many producers as we have items in the box! It’s been a dry, hot season, and with Tassie farmers struggling with the conditions it’s even more important than ever to buy local and support our hard-working growers. Our new website includes profiles of growers we buy from regularly, and we’ll continue to update this section as we can – why not check it out.

John Donohoe has provided us with the first crop of his new season King Edward potatoes, which are the perfect potato for crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside roasties. We’ve also scored a couple of real specialty items from Grown for Taste (kohlrabi, which is a firm-fleshed vegetable similar to broccoli stem – we’ll be sure to post a recipe or two for it this week if you’re not sure what to do!) and Paris Market carrots, perfect for steaming whole. We’ve also included water spinach (sometimes known as morning glory), perfect for stirfries, from Richmond farm (here‘s a tasty recipe to get you started), along with their beautiful yellow squash and celery. We’ve also included some delicious plump cherries from Lowdina Orchard and blueberries from Longley Organic Farm, and those receiving the fruit supplement will have also received one of our favourites – white-fleshed nectarines – from Canes, along with juicy apricots from Lowdina.

Full details below:

15th Jan