11th December 2015

We’re celebrating some less regular contributors this week, in amongst the usual suspects – and a familiar suspect in a slightly different setting – in our second last standard box before the special Christmas box (for which details will be out this weekend.)

Here’s what’s included across the boxes this week:

New-season Kennebecs – SHV Wholesalers*
Broad Beans – Honeywood Farm Products and John (our potato grower, who’s been growing a few other items for us this season, including some lovely garlic we’re looking forward to including in future boxes.)
Cherry tomatoes – Brandsema, Turner’s Beach
Cherries – Richmond Cherries
Beetroot – Forest Hill Farm (certified organic)
Raspberries – Peter, Fentonbury Farm, and The Westerway Raspberry Farm
Spring onions, kale, spinach, parsnip, carrots –Richmond farm Jnk fresh for u
Salad mix – Poppysmic Produce
Shallots – Premium Fresh Tasmania

The breakdown of who gets what is in the comments below.

We’ll have some of the above and other items (including very reasonably priced quinoa and spelt from @kindred organics) at the Bellerive Community Farmers’ Market tomorrow morning along with our BB product range; come along and say hello to Mrs and Nan BB.

If you’d like to order a box for next week (last standard box before the special Christmas box) please email backyardbounty.vegiebox@gmail.com. Don’t forget that following the Christmas box we’ll be having a short break until the 15th of January.

(*We always buy direct from growers by preference, but do source some local items via wholesale where necessary. We saw these beautiful locally grown potatoes when collecting last week’s iceberg lettuce and couldn’t resist ordering some fresh ones for this week, especially as John’s new season varieties are a few weeks away. We unfortunately can’t provide much information about their provenance, but they’re definitely Tasmanian as it’s illegal under quarantine restrictions to bring potatoes grown interstate into Tasmania!)