20th November 2015

This week’s box features produce from North and South – growers from Latrobe, Don, and Sheffield, all the way down to Richmond, Kingston and Saltwater River – and in keeping with the North meats South theme (VERY bad pun alert) Black Ridge Farm are parked outside chez BB with your lamb orders!

This week’s boxes include:

Kale, parnips, choy sum, radish, dill & chives – Joua, Richmond

Alfalfa – Pegasus Sprouts, Kingston

Capsicum, cucumber – Tassie Pride, Devonport

Cherry tomatoes – Brandsema, Turner’s Beach (some $40 boxes have have full-size tomatoes from Cracknells instead)

Jonagold apples – Duggan Brand, Cradoc

Beetroot – Premium Fresh Tasmania

Button Mushrooms – Tas Mushroom Centre, Sheffield

Salad mix, kohlrabi, fennel – Grown for Taste

Broad beans – Honeywood Farm Products andThree Oaks Farm Tasmania

The box pictured is a $30 box beautifully photographed by Kristy Dowsing Photography