November 13th 2015

Want to cook like a Masterchef? This week’s box includes many of the items we donated to Luke Burgess for the Cross-Pollinate conference dinner, held at Josef Chromy Wines last Wednesday night (pictures of some of the dishes posted last week). We’re offering a bottle of Josef’s finest sparkling for the best dishes posted to the site that include items used at the dinner: pink eyes, tarragon, carrots, spinach, turnips, strawberries. We will consider creativity, deliciousness (as much as can be judged through a picture) and photo quality. Get cooking!

(Speaking of photo quality – another lovely photo from Kristy Dowsing Photography of a lovely box!)

Pink Eyes (400g/750g all boxes) – John, Lymington

Dutch carrots, spinach (all boxes) – Joua, Richmond

Turnips (500g), cauliflower (all boxes) – Premium Fresh Tasmania

Baby silverbeet ($30 & $40 only) – Yorktown Organics

Lettuce (all boxes) – Grown for Taste & Longley Organic Farm
… and garlic scapes ($30 & $40 only) also from Longley Organics (We’re very pleased to be able to buy from James & Hermoine again, but they’re preparing for a big spring and summer. If you’re heading down south check out their roadside stall just off the highway at Lower Longley.)

Tarragon – Hills Transplants, Don

Strawberries – DM Jennings & Sons (I confess I ate my way through a whole punnet of these on my delivery route today…)

Radishes, 150g snow peas (Joua)