November 6th 2015

Arriving back from Launceston at 1 AM on Thursday morning certainly compressed the process of setting up and labeling boxes (apologies for this week’s rather substandard labeling…), collecting, portioning and packing produce, and delivering boxes (both to our home for pick up and to all our delivery customers.)

Mr & Mrs BB put in a big night of packing last night, and Miss (who was off for swot vac) and Pop BB were invaluable this morning finishing off the last minute packing items and loading boxes for deliveries… it’s worth remembering to thank your lucky stars sometimes that you’re surrounded by people who you can rely on to pull it all together; family, our extended family of growers who provide us with beautiful produce each week, and even the cast of extras (for instance, without the support of SRT logstics, Tasmania’s biggest refrigerated transport company, we’d never be able to bring you the range of produce we do each week!). And Kristy Dowsing Photography ought to get a mention for capturing the essence of each week’s box so beautifully!

Here’s what’s in store for you this week:

Ida Rose potatoes (500g/1kg, all boxes) – John, Lymington
Brown onion (500g/1kg, all boxes) – Premium Fresh Tasmania
Broccoli, bunched carrots (all boxes) – Joua & Kou, Richmond
Oyster Mushrooms (180g, $30 boxes only), Shitaake Mushrooms (120g/150g $20 & 440 boxes) – Cygnet Mushroom Farm)
Green oakleaf lettuce (all boxes) – Hill’s Transplants, Don
Tomatoes (250g/500g, all boxes) – Cracknells, Granton
Cucumber ($30 & $40 boxes only) – Tassie Pride, Devonport
Lemons ($30 boxes only) – Andrea, home-grower and customer!
Royal Gala apples (1kg/2kg, all boxes) – Duggans
Strawberries ($30 & $40 boxes only) – DM Jennings & Sons
Spring Onion, Bok Choy ($40 boxes only) – Joua
Capsicum (400g, $40 boxes only) – Tassie Pride

… and of course including where applicable optional addons of:

– Organic stoneground sourdough bread ($6) –Philadelphia Bakers
– Fresh apple juice ($4) – Huon Valley Juice Company (don’t forget to put this in the fridge straight away, not just after opening)
– Free Range eggs ($4/$6 half doz or doz) – Golden Free Range, Acton Park