October 16th 2015

A couple of milestones this week – we packed over 200 boxes for the first time, and even better, we’ve been able to source enough Tassie asparagus to include in everyone’s boxes! Asparagus season is short and sweet, so we’ll probably hit it fairly hard while it’s available – please feel free to email us to add it to your exclusion list if it’s not your cup of tea. Another summer crop – cucumber – is already online, and capsicums won’t be far away either. Here’s what’s in this week’s box, captured in a creative split-screen photo from Kristy Dowsing Photography.

$30 box includes:

750g pink eyes – John, Lymington*
500g red onion*
asparagus – Premium Fresh Tasmania *
broccoli* – Joua, Richmond
mizuna – Yorktown Organics, Yorktown
cucumber – Tassie Pride, Devonport
500g premium truss tomatoes – Cracknells, Granton
2kg royal gala apples* – Duggan Brand, Cradoc

$40 box also includes:

mint* – Joua, Richmond

$20 box includes asterixed items above, with following quantity changes:

500g pink eyes
250g red onion
1kg apples
1 bunch spinach (Joua)
($20 asparagus from Pam, Longford – also used for some substitutions)