October 9th 2015

It’s that time of the season, when winter vegies end and the start of summer begins! This week’s box marks just that transition, with Forest Hill Farm’s carrots coming to their end, and Pam’s asparagus just starting. Yes- you read right- Tassie asparagus!

This week’s $30 box contains:
900g Bintjie potatoes from John, Lymington
1kg carrots from Forest Hill Farm (in the box!)
2 swede from Premium Fresh Tasmania**
Bunch of leeks,
Corainder from Joua, Richmond
Asparagus from Pam, Launceston
Cherry Tomatoes from Brandsema, Turner’s Beach
Alfalfa from Pegasus Sprouts, Kingston
Pears from Duggan’s Brand, Cradoc

** you will note there are no swede in this pic- our lovely photographer Kristy Dowsing Photography , isn’t a fan, so she got 150g hazelnuts in their place! Don’t forget to keep your exclusion list updated as the season changes smile emoticon

The $40 box has:
330g mushrooms in place of asparagus (limited numbers this week)
Broccoli from Joua, Richmond
150g watercress from Grown for Taste

The $20 box has:
500g potatoes
500g carrots
2 leeks
150g watercress
250g mushrooms
cherry tomatoes
1kg pears
small lettuce from Kingston Community Garden