October 2nd 2015

Another new season delight this week – John’s delicious new-season pink-eyes! John’s been growing these in a paddock RIGHT up the top of the hill – you can see the greens sprouting from the farmhouse at the bottom of the hill on a good day if you squint… nothing says Tassie spring like pink eye potatoes and gale-force winds!

$30 boxes contain:
900g pink eyes* – John, Lymington
three 75+ brown onions* – Premium Fresh Tasmania
950g cert organic beetroot* – Forest Hill Farm
silverbeet, mizuna, broccoli*, spinach* – Joua, Richmond
chives – Hills Transplants, Don
2kg golden delicious apples* – Duggan Brand, Cradoc
250g walnuts* – Coaldale Walnuts, Coaldale
two meyer lemons – Delia & Sean, Lindisfarne

$40 boxes also contain:
750g carrots* – Forest Hill
bok choy – Joua
500g tomatoes* – Cracknells

… and for the first time ever, in October we’re offering $20 boxes. Quite a few people have been giving us feedback that they’re struggling to get through all the contents of the box (a problem we’re pleased to have!), so we’ve responded with a smaller box option. Items marked with asterixes above are included in this week’s $20 box, but some of these will be in smaller quantities.