September 18th 2015

Kristy ( Kristy Dowsing Photography ) always manages to capture the colours and textures of our box so beautifully.

This week’s box sees a happy cross over between wintery comfort and springtime lightness. So many things come into season again now, so just wait til next week, and the next……

The $30 box contains:
650g baby carrots &
1kg pumpkin from Forest Hill Farm , Forth (organic)
500g shallots from Premium Fresh Tasmania, Latrobe
celeriac from Matt & Ruth, Elphin Grove Farm, Sassafrass
Basil from Hills Hydroponics, Devonport
Garlic shoots from Tasmanian Natural Garlic and Tomatoes, Selbourne
Radish from Joua, Richmond
140g quinoa – Kindred Organics
Jonagolds from Duggan’s Brand Apples & Pears

and the $40’s have the above and:
1kg Russian Banana Potatoes from John, Lymington
silverbeet from Joua.