Mushroom burger on kohlrabi, radish and apple slaw, with a lime and wasabi mayo

To make the mushroom burger, boil a cup or so of brown rice (I added a stock cube for extra flavour), and steam a couple of big handfuls of mushrooms over the top. When the rice is al dente (this will give a nice meaty texture to the patty), strain and allow both the mushrooms and rice to cool a little. Grind together in a food processor with some dark soy to taste, then roll in bread crumbs and fry.

The slaw started with the mayo – an egg, some wasabi powder, some vinegar and salt and sugar. Beat, then add ricebran oil in a steady stream still beating til it’s mayo-fied. Then just julienne the veg and apples straight into the mixing bowl and stir through. (I had well more than I needed of the mayo, so I decanted some into a jar for later use before adding the veg.)

Served on delicious Grown for Taste salad greens and topped with Siracha hot sauce.