Lettuce and pork soup

Last night was pork leg roast; the bone went straight in the slow cooker (some hard-to-get-at meat still attached) with some old celery, carrots and some halved shallots. Here’s what I did with the stock:

shred the washed leaves of a small cos lettuce, and finely chop the meat from the stock leftovers (I added a little extra of the leftover sliced roast in the fridge to bulk it out)

half fill soup bowls with shredded lettuce

add a tin of butter beans (liquid and all) to the strained stock, along with the reserved meat, and bring to the boil. Season to taste.

meanwhile, beat two eggs in the empty tin

when the broth is boiling, pour the beaten egg in in a thin stream whilst stirring the soup to make ribbons of cooked egg

pour boiling soup over the top of the shredded lettuce in the bowl, and sit for a minute or two on bench to cool and to blanch the lettuce